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Main Goals

A thorough and in-depth study of the problems that affect the food security at the territorial level. It will try to identify the main hazards or risks of the industry agri-food and environmental Knowledge networks will be consolidated among the partners, through the exchange and analysis of information, joint evaluation, channeling and decision making. The objective is that the obtained data are part of the business information systems, integrating them into protocols and plans of action in food safety management: quality, HACCP, traceability. On the other hand, information will be collected about analytical methodologies, their suitability, problems and scope will be evaluated throughout all the phases of the food chain. Finally, the needs and demands of the technical market will be evaluated alternatives.


Conduct an in-depth survey of the most prevalent problems affecting food security at the level of the cross-border region of Galicia-Northern Portugal, in order to identify the main risks posed to the agri-food industry.
Also collect information on the models followed with regard to the quality control processes related to the presence of contaminants, namely with regard to the analytical protocols followed and their suitability for the different stages of the food chain.

Expected Results

The planned actions should provide a broad characterization of the real needs of the agri-food companies in the Galicia / Northern Portugal region, with regard to problems related to food security. They will allow a characterization of the main chemical and biological risks that exist and identify their distribution along the economic chain. Finally, they will make it possible to characterize the areas most in need with regard to the development of analytical techniques