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Main Goals

Effective transfer of innovative technologies developed in the Project to companies in the Galicia / Northern Portugal region with responsibilities in the area of food security.
Consolidate cooperation between all elements of the agri-food value chain for the generation and common sharing of new skills and innovative technologies.


Creation of a cross-border network of institutional cooperation, catalyzing synergies between research centers and the business community, capable of promoting significant impacts in the different areas related to food security. Through the exchange and joint assessment of information, this network should provide support for decision-making in terms of food safety management, in its various domains: quality systems, HACCP standards, traceability, etc.

Expected Results

766/5000 Implementation of cutting-edge technologies in cross-border companies in the agri-food sector in a sustainable manner, through the industrial application of the knowledge generated, allowing a faster and more effective response to different market demands. On the other hand, the technologies developed should increase the levels of food security throughout the value chain, mainly through the prevention of risks. At the end of the project, new rapid and effective methodologies will be available for the detection of contaminants and allergens, which will facilitate the implementation of timely measures to ensure food security for the population, preventing consumers from accessing unfit products and thus avoiding food crises.