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2013Ionic liquids as active pharmaceutical ingredients: in vitro assays for the prediction of pharmacokinetics and bioavailabilityLúcia Saraiva
2013Automated bioassays for the evaluation of ionic liquids toxicityLúcia Saraiva
2013Ionic liquids as solvents of pharmaceuticals – biopharmaceutical approachLúcia Saraiva
2012RESVERATROL IN MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY: Pharmacokinetics, nanodelivery, and membrane interactionsSaletter Reis
2012Development of potentimetric sensor based on Zn-metalloporphyrine for SO2 quantification in white and red winesConceição Montenegro
2012Methylmetacrylate leaching control in prosthodontics materials
2012Development of an optical salicylate sensor
2012Near-infrared spectroscopy high-throughput monitoring of vineyardsJoão Lopes
2012Near-infrared spectroscopy applications for green and roasted coffee quality controlJoao Lopes
2012Mixed micelles of ionic liquid/surfactant as reaction media for enzyme based transformationsLúcia Saraiva
2010Human neutrophils: involvement in the healing vs deleterious effects of the inflammatory processEduarda Fernandes
2010Potential anti-inflammatory effects of 2-styrylchromonesEduarda Fernandes
2010Membranes: a meeting point for lipids, proteins and therapiesSalette Reis
2010Design, synthesis and characterization of innovative nanosystems for targeted delivery of drugsSalette Reis
2010Pharmaceutical process development and quality control with near-infrared spectroscopyJoão Lopes
2010Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy in microbiology: a methodology for faster and more efficient bacteria identification and classificationJoão Lopes
2010Biocatalysis in ionic liquids: automation in sequential injection analysis systemsLúcia Saraiva
2008Molecular mechanisms underlying toxicological and pharmacological effects of anti-inflammatory drugs upon interaction with membranes
2008Chemical analysis through size confined experimental proceduresConceição Montenegro
2008Fast assessment of antioxidantsMarcela Segundo
2008Multi-pumping flow systems: a modular automation tool

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