Book Chapters
NumberYearBook Chapter
8652014Clara C. Sousa and João A. Lopes. Chapter 20: Infrared spectroscopy detection coupled to chemometrics to characterize foodborne pathogens at a subspecies level, page 385. In: Mathematical and Statistical Approaches in Food Science and Technology. Edited by Daniel Granato and Gáston Ares, IFT Press - Wiley-Blackwell.UK. 2014. (ISBN: 978-1-118-43368-3)
8582013Andrea Catalina Galvis-Sánchez, João Almeida Lopes, Ivonne Delgadillo and António O.S.S. Rangel. Chapter 26: Sea salt, page 719. In: Comprehensive analytical chemistry, Vol. 60. Food Protected designation of origin: methodologies and applications. Edited by Miguel de la Guardia M and Ana Gonzalvez, Elsevier, UK. 2013. (ISBN: 978-0-444-59562-1)
7802013Marcela A. Segundo; Carla Castro; Luís M. Magalhães; Salette Reis, Determination of scavenging capacity against hydrogen peroxide: Recent trends on chemical Methods, Hydrogen Peroxide, Gilberto Aguilar and Raphael A. Guzman (Ed.), Chapter 8, Pag. 203-218, 2013, Nova Science Plublishers, Inc., ISBN: 978-1-62257-414-8
7072011L.J.G. Silva; L.H.M.L.M. Santos; C.M. Lino; A.N. Araújo; M.C.B.S.M. Montenegro; L. Meisel; A. Pena, Antibiotics as Environmental Contaminants: Risks and European Overview, Hazardous Materials: Types, Risks and Control, Pag 53-113, 2011. Editors Satinder Kaur Brar. ISBN: 978-1-61324-425-8
6652011Marcela A. Segundo; Lúis M. Magalhães; Joana P.N. Ribeiro; Marlene Lúcio; Salette Reis, Determination of the scavenging capacity against reactive nitrogen species by automatic flow injection based methodologies, In Nitric Oxide. Methods and Protocols, Walker, John M. (Ed.) Série Methods in Molecular Biology., Volume 704 Capitulo 8 Pag 91-104, 2011. Springer Protocols, Human Press. ISBN: 978-1-61737-963-5
6222010Salette Reis; Marlene Lúcio; Marcela Segundo; José L.F.C. Lima, Use of Liposomes to Evaluate the role of membrane interactions on antioxidant activity, Liposomes, vol 2: Biological Membrane Models (2010)
5892010Marlene Lúcio; José L.F.C. Lima; Salette Reis, Drug-Membrane Interactions: Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Therapeutic and toxic effects of drugs, Ideas in Chemistry and Molecular Sci. (2010)
5312008I.V. Tóth; M.A. Segundo; A.O.S.S. Rangel, Food, beverages and agricultural applications, Advances in Flow Injection Analysis and Related Techniques, ed. S.D. Kolev and I.D. Mckelvie; Elsevier, Amsterdam, Ch. 18, p.p. 513-558 (2008)
952013Baltazar de Castro; Rui A. S. Lapa; L. F. C. Lima; M. Salette H. Reis, Usefulness of supersensitive ISE in the determination of stability constants of calcium with bile acids, Ch.41, p.p. 193-197 ()
942013Baltazar de Castro; Paula Gameiro; José L. F. C. Lima; Copper-(II)-mediated interactions in GABA/medazepam systems, ,Ch.36, p.p.179-181 ()
71982J. L. C. Lima; A. A. S. C. Machado, Inexpensive ISEs with solid sensor coatings applied to electrically conductive epoxy, Analytical Techniques in Environmental Chemistry 2, J. Albaiges Pergamon Press, p.p. 418-426 (1982).
42008A. Ferres Jr; Elias A.G. Zagatto; João L.M. Santos; José L.F.C. Lima, The concept of multi-commutation in flow anaysis Mário, Advances in Flow Analysis, Ch.7, p.p. 167-190 (2008)
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